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Grape Tomato

Their sweetness and small size makes them perfect for every meal, a veggie omelette, a green salad or a juicy steak. This mini guys have been treated with mom care so you can always count on them because they are grown with love.


These sweet soft and green fellers will take care of your body. They are the perfect match for healthy food but you could also stuff them with cheese and put them on a frier. They are just ready for your feelings.

Beefsteak Tomato

What is red, round and filled with juicy love? Not the heart, obviously the beefsteak. They accompany you on sandwiches, burgers, baguettes, paninis and salads. These guys are so perfectly consistent that they’re here to satisfy that big appetite.


The best thing about the TOV´s is that they always come by many, never alone. This means they are here for sharing. Share them stuffed with tuna guacamole, on a caprese salad or to make lasagna, just make sure you are making something to share with your pals.

English Cucumber

If you still think that these crunchy big guys are only for snacking or decoration, then you need to live a little more. You can make pasta, soups, salads, different kinds of smoothies and off course cocktails and juices with these long greens. Freshness all over.

Mini Peppers

These colorful little guys are the perfect crunchy companion when you have people over, you can stuff them with cheese, meat, tuna or mashed potato. Easy to cook, easy to serve and even easier to eat.

You will be just fine

We have operations in 3 different areas of the country that are built strategically to secure our crops all year round.

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